The bar business has been the most affected by the impact of COVID-19. The innovation for a next generation beverage business has begun.  Join in on a virtual event with live Q&A and collaboration featuring beverage and bar experts from around the world discussing the innovations and ideas that will help your business survive a new era in the bar business.




10:00AM ET

Quick Shutdowns & Reopens: How to Prepare for Both

The bar business is not designed for rolling openings and closures. Each time, it cost time, energy, and money that nobody can afford to lose. These operators will share their failures, and best practices learned from their own experience.

10:30AM ET

Bar Operator Stories

Bar operators discussing how COVID has affected their businesses & what they are doing to survive.

London Essence's Mixology Masterclass

On this mixology masterclass sponsored by London Essence Co, Fraser Hamilton, Bartender at Sweet Liberty Bar, will guide you through crafting two original and enticing cocktails using Bulldog London Dry Gin and Russell's Reserve. Pairing each cocktail with a complimentary London Essence mixer, distilled with essence and natural ingredients, will allow for the premium liquors’ taste and aroma to shine through. Join Fraser as he creates “The Muscles from Russell’s” and “That’s London, innit?” cocktails!

11:00AM ET

The Future of To-Go Cocktails

All evidence points to the future restaurant and bar business models leaning heavily on a to-go and direct-to-consumer approach, combined with in-person dining. These experts will share their insights on how they have made this a successful part of their business and the key elements that every operator should utilize.

11:30AM ET

Beverage Programs & RTD Cocktails

These owners will share innovative moves on optimizing your spirits and beverage program to ensure it’s doing everything it can for your business and brand.


The New Training Model for New Times

Training will be the key to success and failure just like pre-COVID the only difference now is there is NO room for mistakes.

12:30PM ET

The Bar Business 2.0

The strategy and product development needed to amp your business will lean heavily on how you prepare for the next evolution in the bar business.


Copalli Rum's Mixology Masterclass

On this engaging cocktail demonstration with Founding Partner of Death or Glory Bar, Annie Blake, you will be immersed into the history of an organic and sustainable rum maker, Copalli Rum. Annie will taste and share her expertise on two award-winning varietals of Copalli Rum and then mix up two delicious and authentic cocktails– a Negroni and Daiquiri!


Virtual Events & Creating Consumer Connections

Virtual events are set to expand 1000% in the next decade and understanding how you can deliver a cocktail experience via these events could be a make-or-break for your business.

1:30PM ET

Dealing with Delivery: Menu, Website & Logistics

This is a whole new world, delivery, new laws and new opportunities, get in on the ground floor ideas to get you rocking in the right direction!


Power of Diversity in the Hospitality Industry

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment is vital to all businesses to succeed. Many corporations today are lacking the tools and the knowledge needed to foster these environments. Industry experts Lia and Samara will discuss the critical steps your company should be taking and the conversations that you should have to get you there.

2:30PM ET

Future Directions for the Bar Business

The next generation of bar operations will connect further through technology and consumer experiences, unlike anything before. The hybrid model of direct to consumer, virtual, and experiential will become the standard for the future. Learn about the trends, tech, and consumer habits, driving this massive disruption.