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Recover America is a virtual event designed to get to the grassroots of the restaurant & hospitality industry by offering real insights and local level consumer trends that will help operators prepare for the future.





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Volume 01 - November 24th


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10:00 AM EST 

Session 01 | Bringing Guests Back Into Your Restaurant

Speaker Chef Robert Irvine

Description Diners' attitudes have simply shifted from enjoying an experience around food–to now–putting safety as their utmost important factor for returning to the dining room. Your staff is essential to your restaurant's reopening success and they must own the critical part of playing "safety ambassador." In this session you will learn tips and tools for successfully reconnecting with fellow customers and getting them back through the door of your restaurant.

Moderator Paul Barron

10:30 AM EST 

Session 02 | Going Against The Grain

Operator Panel |

Executive Chef Jimmy Carey | Owner | Jimmy'z Kitchen 

Meg Schiffman | VP of Brand & Marketing | Gusto Farm to Street

Description It's no secret the food industry has been practically disseminated, but there are still operators fighting and prevailing in this extraordinarily difficult time. In this session we explore a number of operators who are making a name for themselves throughout this crisis. They will tell their story of how they are maintaining or saving their restaurant businesses.

Moderator Paul Barron

11:00 AM EST 

Session 03 | Tyson™ Nashville Hot

Product Demo

Description With menu innovation on the table and the need to optimize your BOH, Tyson Foods has a deliciously, authentic and spicy offering to craft with a multi-use application. Are you building a new pandemic proof menu or launching a new virtual brand or ghost kitchen? This product demo is just for you!

11:05 AM EST 

Session 04 | Consumer Trends and US Data on COVID Expected Recovery

Keynote Speaker Paul Barron - CEO | Foodable Network

Description Join Paul Barron as he dives deep into the consumer science behind the COVID crisis. When could consumers be coming back to restaurants and has their behavior shifted forever? This session will breakout consumer confidence, regional restaurant resiliance, and the future of what will be successful for the restaurant of the future.

11:30 AM EST 

Session 05 | Executive Insights: Technology and Consumer Demand

Speakers Nicholas Stone - Founder & CEO | Bluestone Lane

Erin Levzow - Vice President of Marketing Technology | Del Taco Restaurants

Description The foodservice industry is going through a massive alteration in operations, technology and how consumers engage in dining experiences. We are heading into an unfamiliar landscape for the food and beverage business, highlighted by ever changing consumer demands and expectations. As an operator, you must shift your imagination to innovate at a whole new level.

Moderator Paul Barron


Volume 02 - December 15th


10:00 AM EST

Session 01 | Best Practices For Sanitary Operations and How To Execute

Speakers | Chef Robert Irvine & John New (CEO of WorkMerk)

Description |  With a new partnership, a savvy platform is now here to help keep your employees and restaurant accountable, all while increasing consumer confidence. In this session you will learn about best practices for safely and sanitarily operating your restaurant business in the new landscape.

Moderator | Paul Barron

10:30 AM EST

Session 02 | Framework for Enhancing Guest Confidence in the New Age of Restaurants

11:00 AM EST

Session 03 | Innovation Product Demo

11:05 AM EST

Session 04 | A Ghost Kitchen Success Story

11:30 AM EST

Session 05 | Building Back Your Team Confidence and Brand in a Crisis

Volume 03 - January 5th, 2021

Volume 04 - Coming Soon